What is WISPFAQ's?

WISPFAQ stands for "Wireless Internet Service Provider Frequently Asked Questions. WISPFAQ is a database of commonly asked questions that where submitted by the WISP community itself rather than a single person or organization. Anyone may search the FAQ database but to submit a FAQ of your own, you must first register to become a member of the WISPFAQ community. Once registered, you may compose, submit, and edit any FAQ of your choosing. By pooling the resources of the entire WISP community, this resource has great potential for the WISP community as a whole. However only if each member makes an effort to contribute to the whole community.

Even as Linux has become an alternative to Microsoft in many instances, unlicensed fixed wireless Internet access as the potential to become a viable and quality alternative to cable and DSL in many communities. WISP-FAQ's is dedicated to Wireless Internet Service providers who utilize the latest wireless technologies in order to provide quality broadband access to Internet users. We salute you for your creativity, determination, and innovation while providing new and exciting broadband services to underserved communities.

We hope you find this resource helpful and we encourage you to participate in a effort to give back to the self-supportive WISP community.


The WISPFAQ Community of Contributors